Baby & Toddler Classes

For Children aged 6 months to 3 years

Research has shown that babies accept the water more readily than other age groups and that the fear of water grows with age. I highly encourage carers with babies from 6 months + to join a class with similar aged children. I limit these classes to 6 children with their carers.

Using songs, toys and gentle activities we work on the following basic skills:

Getting Wet

Breath Control




Basic kicking and arm actions

Water Safety education and skills for the carers

This is also a fantastic bonding time for you and your child. It is wonderful to see how they blossom and their confidence grows in the water. But please remember, these are water familiarisation classes – you still need to keep watch over your child near water (including the bath) at ALL times.

Classes for this age group are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and are half an hour long. Children are required to wear an appropriate swim nappy and carers need to come into the water with the child until they are three years old.