End of Term 3 2020 information

End of term 3 information

Hi lovely Sea Turtle families

Wow, this term has flown by! It has felt very disrupted to me as I have missed so many lessons due to illness. Apologies and thank you to everyone for your understanding. Thank you too, to Abigail, Liz and Fi for coming to the rescue, often at short notice.

Term 4 Enrolments
You might have noticed I don’t have the normal re-enrolment sheet in the change room this term. I am trying to streamline operations and plan to roll you all over to the next term as is. IF this doesn’t suit you, please let me know ASAP. I will be immediately filling all my gaps from the waitlist but I do want to give you guys first dibs where I can. If you are graduating or we feel your child would benefit from being in a different class I will be contacting you separately in the next day or two. Prompt payment of your invoice will be hugely appreciated too so I can know where my gaps are for my waitlisted kids.

Water Safety Week
First one of the year and the highlight for many kids! Provided I can find my boat in the attic (and it hasn’t been eaten by mice like last time!!), we will be doing BOAT SAFETY in the last week of this term. If you haven’t experienced a boat safety lesson before, your kids are in for a great experience. It’s a whole lesson focused exclusively on water safety. For this theme, they get to wear life jackets, go on a “real” boat and will learn lots to keep them safe around boats. Hopefully you parents might learn something too Please bring your kids in some clothes over their bathers and most importantly this is a GOGGLE FREE week. This is very important as I know some kids hate getting water in their eyes, but for their own safety it is vital that they learn that they can cope without them.

Make Up Classes for Illness – SATURDAY 19 SEPTEMBER

Firstly, thank you to everyone for their abundance of caution about not bringing your child to swimming when they have been sick. I know not everyone has got a make up class for this. So, I will be getting permission from my neighbours to run an extraordinary session on Saturday 19/9 to give you a chance to get a make up lesson. Please email me as soon as possible to register your interest for these classes. I will then make up a timetable and email you a time. 

New Swim School Software coming
Keeping up with the year of change I have decided to invest in some dedicated swim school software. I am painfully aware that there are some things I don’t do well, like admin! This will help and hopefully you will notice an improvement. I will be starting slowly while I learn it all, but eventually there will be a customer portal where you will be able to record any absences and book make up classes, plus track your child’s achievements, view notices and reminders and automate payments. I am very excited about it!

So once again, thank you for your support of our little swim school in the Hills. I hope your kids have all had a happy swimming experience and we look forward to welcoming many of you back next term.

With very best wishes and happy swimming, 
Cathy and the STSS team



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