Term 1 2020 Newsletter – Covid-19, Certificates, T2 enrolments, water safety

Dear Sea Turtle families,

Firstly, thank you once again for your loyalty and support of our little swim school. It is wonderful to see whole families start and complete their early swimming journey here. Plus, most of the new enquiries I get start with “you have been recommended” which is hugely flattering. So, from us all, thank you!

covid-19-4922384_1920Covid-19 Virus

I wanted to assure you that I am closely monitoring all available information regarding how this outbreak could affect the swim school. We regularly test the pool water (and have always done so!) to make sure that the chlorine levels are within the guidelines. The research I have done myself shows that the virus cannot survive in chlorinated water (see https://www.swimireland.ie/news/coronavirus-covid-19-update;https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/water.html) . As an endorsed swim school, I have also contacted Royal Lifesaving to check if they have any further advice. At the moment there is no advice from the Australian Health Department specifically relating to pools, but of course I am monitoring it.  I am making sure there is access to both soap and hand sanitiser in the changing room. We are also increasing our cleaning schedule, plus I have been spraying all taps and handles with Glen-20 before each swimming session (ie twice a day).

What can you do?

  1. Please stay at home if you or your child is sick! I am planning to offer a makeup day either in these holidays or next term (depending on how the Covid-19 issue pans out and the advice I get from the relevant authorities). This will be only for people staying off because of illness not because of taking a holiday, though! Please follow the Health Department’s self-isolation advice if you have travelled overseas. As of today (14/3/20) the advice stands that self-isolation is required on return from the following HIGH RISK countries:
  • China
  • Iran
  • Republic of Korea
  • Italy
  1. In addition, you should closely monitor your health and immediately self isolate If you develop any symptoms within 14 days of having visited a MODERATE RISK.  These are:
  • Cambodia
  • Japan
  • Indonesia (and yes that includes Bali!)
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

If the advice changes, so will our attendance policy.


Those of you who are long term Sea Turtlers will know that we offer certificates in terms 1 and 3. Why not every term I hear you ask? They are a LOT of work and hardly anyone remembers to collect them! Plus, we are working towards becoming a zero carbon swim school (we are very proud to be carbon neutral at the moment) and the certificates waste a lot of paper. Royal Lifesaving are finally coming to the table with a digital version – yay!

However, I am not sure if it will be available in time for this term.

So, if you do desperately want a certificate, please indicate this when you fill in the enrolment sheet next week. Please be assured that your kids are continually assessed, and you can ask your teacher anytime what level your child is in. The great thing about a small swim school is we can continually add to their skills without necessarily changing class times, so you might be surprised what your child is actually achieving!


I can’t believe that we are coming to week 7 of the school term already! I will have the enrolment sheet out in the changing room for you to let me know if you are planning to return or taking a break – please let me know either way. There may be some staffing changes next term, but please rest assured that every teacher here is highly qualified, dedicated and passionate about teaching your kids to swim.

The enrolment sheet is also where you can let me know if you want certificates for your kids, too.



This will be held in the final week of the term. We will be covering BOAT SAFETY this term. This is a huge favourite with the kids so please do try and make it (unless they are sick!). For our new families who don’t know me yet, water safety is my particular passion, so on top of covering it in each lesson, every term we have a week dedicated to a themed water safety topic where the kids learn specific information and skills relating to the topic, plus they practice swimming without goggles and in their clothes. For boat safety the kids get to wear and swim with life jackets, they learn to prepare for a boat trip and how to deal with a boating accident, plus most excitingly, they get to go in a real boat!!! The babies and toddlers also get to go in the boat while we bamboozle their carers with water safety info.

So that’s it. Sorry for the lengthy read – so much to cover this term.

With very best wishes, and happy swimming,
Cathy, Mike, Abigail, Liz and Megan – who make up the STSS team!

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