Hi everyone!DCIM102GOPRO

Term 3 is flying by so quickly I can’t quite believe it! We are entering Week 7, during which I will be covering BOAT SAFETY with all the children. Survival week is a goggle free zone, and a chance for the kids to try out swimming in their clothes. So if your child is under 7, please bring a T-shirt for them to wear over their bathers. If your child is over 7, shorts and a T-shirt are needed, please.

Due to my very long waiting list, I am starting re-enrolments earlier this term. Please speak to me if you require a different time slot for next term. To guarantee your lesson for next term, please make sure you pay your deposit by the end of Week 8. From the beginning of Week 9 I will be offering places to people on my waiting list.

Finally, a couple of housekeeping reminders. The swim school is the area inside the pool fence, the rest of the place is my private home. We have had a few instances of kids wandering around the place, jumping on our very rickety trampoline or walking around the house to access the lawn. Please keep your children with you in the pool area, unless they are specifically invited to play by one of my children. Thank you!


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