Term 4 2017 information and summer holiday program survey

Hi everybody

Greg goggle freeI hope everybody enjoyed their water safety lesson and learnt something from it. What I have learnt is I think I need to run more lessons without goggles! It is quite amazing how kids forget everything they know when they are faced with trying to swim without goggles. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is for kids to experience the water without their goggles – this could quite literally save their lives one day! Summer is around the corner and I hope people will be swimming more regularly once the weather is better. Please encourage your swimmers to occasionally take their goggles off so they can get used to swimming without them.

I will be putting the re-enrolment form out in the changing room again next week. Please make sure you complete it to let me know what your plans are for next term. I have another long waiting list for places so please do make sure you fill it out. Very unfortunately we will be putting the price of lessons up next term. The cost of electricity is absolutely crippling us and I have held off for as long as possible, but unfortunately the time has come when this is no longer feasible. The cost of our electricity has increased by more than 10% but we are still keeping our price rise less than this. So from next term, the cost of lessons will increase to $18.50/lesson payable by the term.

Classes will start on Monday 9 October and finish on Friday 8 December next term. This makes it a 9 week term, so the cost will be $166.50 for one child, $316.00 for two children or $450 for 3+ kids. As usual, if you have trouble paying this in one amount I am very happy to arrange a payment plan.

Finally, I am gauging interest for the intensive swimming lessons we run in the December holidays.  This year we are thinking of running one of the weeks BEFORE Christmas. The idea is to get some intensive practice in before you all go on your holidays. To gauge interest, I have put together a little survey. I would love it if you could let me know if this could work(thanks to those of you who already have done this via Facebook!). Here is the link to the survey (it is very short, I promise!):


Once again, I’d like to thank you all for your overwhelming support of Sea Turtle Swim School. Your kids are all awesome to teach and bring great joy to everyone here.

With very warm wishes (and happy swimming!)

Cathy and the Team at STSS

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