Term 2 2018 Info – including Toastees orders

Hi everyone!pool leak 6 0418

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years. We celebrated our third birthday during the holidays, I can’t believe it! There wasn’t much time for parties though – look at the photo to see what it looked like!

About a week before term 1 ended we realised we had a major leak, so poor Mike spent a lot of the break digging! A pipe was broken, but it is mended now, so hopefully no leaks or sand in the pool! He is also very proud of the new chairs he sourced for the pool area. Think of him digging when you relax in them to admire  the view.

Its Autumn and it’s getting chilly!

We keep our pool heated to 31 – 32 degrees centigrade. It’s far warmer in the water than it is sitting on the side of the pool! However, as the weather turns, I have been getting enquiries about the Toastees’ rashies that I recommend. They are thicker than a normal rashie and really help keep the chill at bay when getting in and out of the pool or waiting for your turn to swim. They are not cheap, but the hope is to have enough in circulation to eventually have a second-hand market going for them!

If I get 10 or more orders, I am able to get them for a wholesale price, which is a little cheaper than the retail price, plus we can share the cost of the postage. Below  are the types and costs for the rashies (all come with the Sea Turtle Swim School logo printed on them). See www.toasteeswetsuits.com.au for full details.

TYPE                                         SIZES         COLOURS                           COST (inc. postage)
INFANT SPRING SUIT                0              BLACK & either YELLOW / RED / BLUE    $63

KIDS SPRING SUIT                 1 to 6          BLACK & either BLUE / PINK     $63

KIDS TOP SHORT SLEEVE      1 to 6          BLUE / RED / PINK / YELLOW    $53

KIDS TOP SHORT SLEEVE     8 to 12         BLACK & either BLUE / PINK / RED / YELLOW    $58

KIDS TOP LONG SLEEVE       6 to 12         BLACK & either BLUE / PINK / RED / YELLOW    $63

SKINNY KIDS TOP                  4 to 6           BLUE / PINK / RED     $53

SKINNY KIDS TOP                 8 to 10          BLUE / PINK / RED    $58

ADULT OCEAN SERIES*       XS to XL        BLACK & either BLUE  / PINK / RED    $68

ADULT OCEAN SERIES*     2XL to 5XL     BLACK & either BLUE  / PINK / RED     $73

INSTRUCTOR TOP**            XS to 5XL      BLACK & either BLUE  / PINK / RED    $108

*ADULT OCEAN SERIES has long sleeves and a full zip.

**INSTRUCTOR TOP is chlorine resistant with long sleeves.

Please make sure you order the right size – they need to be a snug fit to keep warm. If you want to read more about the rashie, or see what they look like, work out your size etc, please have a look at their website: www.toasteeswetsuits.com.au

I will be placing the order on Saturday 5 May, so please let me know before then what you would like to order. Payment can be made via deposit into my bank account, or by cash.

Housekeepingshoe covers

1. Shoes off at the front door – in the interests of hygiene, I would like to trial this at the swim school. Please place your kids’ shoes in the rack provided and pop the very glamorous blue shoe coverings on your own shoes. When leaving, simply remove these and pop them back in the basket for re-use. Thank you!
2. Clean up after your kids! – we love teaching your kids how to swim, but at the end of a long shift, the last thing Sveta, Liz or I want to do is tidy up a mess your child has made. Please make sure you put everything back as you find it.
3. Nappies – take them home with you please. Better still, buy one of the reusable swim nappies advertised in the changing rooms. These are sold by one of the mums that attends with her baby
4. Parkingthank you all SO much for your help with this. I completely understand that it is ridiculous that we can’t use the verge to park, but unfortunately the Shire Gods have spoken. Please remember to supervise your kids out the front as you would on the road. Most cars are huge and most kids are tiny!

We look forward to welcoming you all to a great term of swimming, starting tomorrow Monday 30 April.

See you all poolside, and happy swimming,
Cathy and the STSS team

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