Term 1 2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone

This has been the busiest term I have had since opening in Term 2 last year. Thank you so much to everyone for your support and the positive things you say about the swim school. I never dreamt I would be at full capacity so quickly – and with a waitlist of over 40 people!

pool-retouchedNow, the main purpose of this newsletter is to remind everyone that this week is WATER SAFETY week. Every term I dedicate one week to really focus on water safety issues. I will generally have a theme for each term, and this term I have chosen POOL SAFETY. Sadly, the majority of drownings of children occurs in the backyard pool, so I thought it would be very important to teach the kids about being safe around the pool. Please make sure that your child does not wear their goggles into the pool next week. Children aged 7 and below should wear shorts and T-shirts in the pool, please, and those over 7 should wear long sleeved shirts and trousers (PJs are ideal). Everyone will be practising swimming with these clothes on and getting used to the feel of water in their eyes without goggles. These are really important water safety skills to have.

I will also have the lists out for Term 2 re-enrolments next week. If you are not planning to re-enrol next term, please let me know ASAP so I can start letting those people on the waiting list know. Term 2 will be a 10 week term for all everyone except my Monday classes, which will be 8 weeks (due to Anzac Day and the Queen’s birthday). For those of you that weren’t enrolled with me over the winter months last year, I put all the blinds down around the pool and it virtually turns into an indoor pool 🙂 Last year I also arranged to get a wholesale price for the Toastees wetsuits for those that wanted extra insulation. I have emailed them again to see if I can get the same price again. If anyone has these wetsuits from last year, but their child has outgrown them, feel free to advertise them in the changing room.pool lights

Some of you may notice that we now have lights above the pool. As the evenings start drawing in they are making a huge difference to the pool area. I am really pleased with how they have turned out.

Finally, this weekend I have been very privileged to attend some professional development with Laurie Lawrence. We focussed on teaching the 3-5 year old age group, so you will see some of the techniques that I have learnt from Laurie coming through in my lessons.

Laurie and Wise OwlI hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend (remember, no lessons!), and I look forward to an enjoyable water safety week with your kids.

Happy swimming!

Best wishes,


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